SEO: The Great Yellow Pages Killer

Jun 08, 2017

When I talk to potential clients and I tell them I help businesses grow online, they usually ask : How?

Great question, right? Most local businesses know something about marketing and how most of the older methods of marketing are outdated. Heck, the good old Yellow Pages has shrunk to the size of an ipad mini and is almost as thin.

When they hear the terms Digital Marketing or Online Lead Generation, they say, yes, I know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I just don’t know really what it is.

So here is the story of the great Yellow Pages killer –

When the number of searches done on mobile devices surpasses 75% and is growing, that’s a huge wake up call to anyone who is in business.

Almost no one is searching for your businesses the old way be it print, the newspaper or yellow pages – the readership for anything in print has dwindled to almost nothing. Nearly everyone is looking on their mobile phone or device to find that new service pro or attorney or restaurant or new home.

So your phone, your ipad IS the new yellow pages. But it’s better than the Yellow Pages.

Why? Your business can target exactly who your ideal customer is and show up as if you are pretty much standing right in front of them.

Unlike that local periodical where you put an ad for your kitchen remodeling business, the one that’s going to be recycled and out the door – before- Ms. Brady decides they really need new countertops this fall (women still make the vast majority of purchasing decisions – 80%+) your well-ranked website sitting in the top 3 spots on Google and targeting the local area is going to automatically get 90% of the search results traffic.

So when your customer wakes up on Tuesday morning and decides she is ready to get quotes and new countertops in by next week, she’s going to Google. And she’s looking at the top of the page of organic results and she’s looking at the reviews and clicking on the website phone # and calling.

Or, she may have been checking Facebook as she does dozens of times a day and a post pops up for countertop installation in her area with a percentage off coupon that’s too good to be true and expires in just 5 days! The pictures make her realize that those countertops are exactly what her family has been looking for. “Click”. She drops her phone # in and waits for your call.

But she’s definitely -not- rummaging for the Yellow Pages that never even made it inside the house or the free local paper that was delivered the beginning of the month that’s either long gone or long forgotten. She’s online and making decisions based on who’s made it their business to make sure they have a 24/7 lead generating tool.

So if you are asking the question: How? How do we at Idea Pioneer Media help businesses grow online?

Just remember the story of the Great Yellow Pages Killer.

You don’t need to know SEO. Heck, we don’t know how to install a shower. You just need to know two things: (1) If you are not growing your business online, you are going to increasingly have trouble growing (2) The old ways of marketing are dead.